08 June, 2005

Those funny little silver discs

Been going through piles of cds of vintage music recordings - there is something ironic about listening to 78s in CD format - although cd may soon also go the way of the dodo in favor of mp3 or whatever is the technology flavour of the moment...

Some CD recommendations (from cds I borrowed from the San Jose MLK Library):

Yes sir, that's my baby - The Golden Years of Tin Pan Alley (MLK SJ Library)
Frances Langford - Someone to Watch Over Me (MLK SJ Library)
The 1930s - the Singers (MLK SJ Library)
Mildred Bailey - The Rocking Chair Lady (1931-1950) (MLK SJ Library)
Eddie Condon - Dixieland All Stars (MLK SJ Library)
When I'm Calling You - Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy (MLK SJ Library)

06 May, 2005

Agog over Hagaga.org

Where else can you get vintage reefer jazz, a cure for your seasonal affective disorder and some Roy Smeck?

Update: Hagaga is currently moving, so not all the sets are currently available - satify yourself for now with hot rods, cats and girls... whoo hoo!

Get your podcasts here in mp3 format!

05 May, 2005

German crooners and shakers

Get your beer, your lederhosen and your ears on!! Lots of vintage german swingers and singers available on cd at SwingTime.de

And, free mp3s to download - plenty of them! In the CD Series Section (click on each record/cd in each of the three sections, see list of songs below, with some linked to mp3s...