08 June, 2005

Those funny little silver discs

Been going through piles of cds of vintage music recordings - there is something ironic about listening to 78s in CD format - although cd may soon also go the way of the dodo in favor of mp3 or whatever is the technology flavour of the moment...

Some CD recommendations (from cds I borrowed from the San Jose MLK Library):

Yes sir, that's my baby - The Golden Years of Tin Pan Alley (MLK SJ Library)
Frances Langford - Someone to Watch Over Me (MLK SJ Library)
The 1930s - the Singers (MLK SJ Library)
Mildred Bailey - The Rocking Chair Lady (1931-1950) (MLK SJ Library)
Eddie Condon - Dixieland All Stars (MLK SJ Library)
When I'm Calling You - Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy (MLK SJ Library)


At 11:40 AM, Blogger D. Travers Scott said...

When transferring 78s to CD, I'm so conscious of converting recordings from a pre- "album" mentality. Even if you group tracks by artist, period, label or genre, it still is clearly a singles collection as opposed to a unified, thematic whole. What's ironic is, with mp3s and their ilk, we may be coming full-circle to a singles rather than album mindset and business model for the recording industry...


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